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Our fun, hands-on tutorials are non-traditional; we've thrown out the books and usual lesson plans. In fact, our most important tools are not our brushes, it is ourselves. We believe that beauty start within and radiates out. 

Enroll with Mullur'e Makeup Academy and you’ll get: with Mullur'e Makeup Academy and you’ll get:

Life Coaching & Personal Development

The Life Course at Mullur'e is unlike any other academy in the industry and an absolute favorite of Mullur'e students. This course focuses on expanding core life principles to help you in the world of makeup artistry and beyond:  Focus. Clarity. Direction. Purpose. Resilience.

Simply put, this course will walk you through a process of creative expansion and assist you in creating the best version of your life.

PowerMaster Includes

√ Professional Photoshoot

√ Free Makeup Kit

√ Business & Marketing skills

√ Lighting

√ 6 Week Training

√ Knowledge & Development

√ Learn how to sculpt & contour

√ Color match & More!

Marketing & Empowering Business Skills

This course is packed with critical information and applicable advice designed for the entrepreneurial minded as well as those looking to advance in the world of beauty within a cosmetic company or retailer.


Our goal is to provide as true to life experience as possible. Mullur'e Makeup Academy is a playground for creative minds, and inspired makeup artists.

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Flexible Payment Plans

  Our 6-week program is 2550.00 We offer Flexible payment plans for all students who qualify. There’s no doubt that by investing in your education you’re investing in your future. That’s why we offer flexible solutions that are designed to fit your specific needs. Mullur'e unique Flexible Payment Plans by Affirm.

Affirm offer added value, flexibility and affordable monthly payments as options.

Lighting and Dimension 101

During this highly interactive and creative course, you’ll learn the subtle nuances and principles of fine art and then how to apply them to makeup artistry application. In addition, emphasis on mastering lighting, shading and contouring face shapes with general art techniques is also an important outcome of this course.

Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry

Mastering the fundamentals of makeup artistry will become the foundation for building your success.

We believe that a great artist makes a great makeup artist.  Mastering the art of beauty make-up is an essential skill for all make-up artists.

This course is designed to perfect your artistic skills while building your ability to apply attention to detail.

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